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OLIMP AAKG Xplode powder 300 g orange

AED 134.99
AAKG is a popular supplement among bodybuilders and other athletes , it increases production of nitric oxide in muscles. Nitric oxide is known to have blood-flow-enhancing effects,1 which could in theory increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to exercising muscle. Increase muscle strength and endurance Increase in the perceived-fatigue threshold. Maximum muscle pump available straight away. Extreme Blood Flow Caffeine free Most concentrated 1 scoop 3750mg = 4 capsules from other products

Olimp Amok Fight 60 caps

AED 64.99
Brand: Olimp Flavor: Unflavored Item form: Capsule

Olimp BCAA 4:1:1 Xplode powder 500 g Pear Flavour

AED 119.99
EXTRA solubility BCAA 4:1:1 Xplode powder from Olimp brand Olympia The products of this brand are made with the best quality materials.


AED 36.99
Brand : Olimp Manufacturer Number : 5901330052239 Product Size : 30 Capsule Targeted Group : Unisex Type : Multivitamins Ingredients : Beta-carotene, L-tyrosine, vitamins,mineral components Number of Servings : 1

Olimp Blackweiler Shred Shot 20 X 60 ml, 1 Units

AED 189.99
Ultra high dose pre workout booster shot with Caffeine Great for improving traing Niacin contributes to normal energy metabolism and reduces fatigue and fatigue. The product is only for physically active adults and professional athletes. Helps with hard and intense workouts perfect for athletes with ambitions.

Olimp Creatine 1250 Mega Caps – 120Cap

Original price was: AED 85.00.Current price is: AED 69.99.
  • Facilitates the daily diet supplementation with high-quality creatine
  • As much as 3300 mg of pure creatine in 3 capsules (recommended daily serving)


AED 69.99
Brand : OLIMP Category Type : Protein Manufacturer Number : 5901330052231 Product Size : 60 Capsules Number of Servings : 30 Product Form : Capsules Serving Size : 2 Capsules

Olimp Erekton Ultra Fast Shot 12 x 60ml Bioperine Grape Fruit Flavour

AED 189.99
Ginseng promotes vitality, physical ability and sexual health, increases libido and enhances sexual desire, facilitates and improves erections. Selenium promotes normal spermatogenesis, zinc helps maintain normal testosterone levels in the blood and promotes normal fertility and reproduction, in addition to boosting cellular protection against oxidative stress. Pantothenic acid helps to ensure the normal synthesis and metabolism of steroid hormones (including testosterone), vitamin D and some neurotransmitters. Reducing the feeling of fatigue and weariness (pantothenic acid) The liquid form guarantees quick absorption and action of active ingredients

Olimp Gold Gingseng Vita Complec Energy and Vitality 30 caps

AED 54.99
To maintain proper health, you should eat a varied diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. A dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Siberian ginseng supports the strengthening of the body in states of weakness and fatigue, supports proper blood circulation, having a beneficial effect on the proper functioning of the brain, and supports mental and cognitive activit Ginseng helps reduce the feeling of fatigue and weariness, helps maintain physical fitness, supports the proper functioning of the immune system, and additionally supports sexual health. Magnesium supports the maintenance of proper psychological functions and the proper functioning of the nervous system. Black pepper extract helps maintain the proper functioning of the digestive tract.

Olimp L Carnitine 3000 Extreme Shot Orange 25 ml Pack of 20 Shots

Original price was: AED 170.00.Current price is: AED 79.99.
  • Quick way to supplement your diet with high-quality L-carnitine and vitamin B6
  • Support in proper functioning of the nervous system (vitamin B6)
  • Support in maintaining adequate energy-yielding metabolism (vitamin B6)

Olimp L-karnityna 500mg Forte Plus, 80 tablets

AED 104.99
Increases fat burning during physical exercise. Adds energy. Increases the metabolic rate. Increases the body's physical capacity. Reduces appetite.

Olimp Labs Chocolate Pro Whey Shake, 2.27kg

AED 240.00
Pro Whey Shake contains 21g Protein per 35g serving from Whey Hdrosylates, Isolates & Concentrates Great Tasting! Mixes easily Chocolate Flavour Before, During & After Workouts 4 Flavour options