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Ducray Anaphase Plus Conditioner 200 ml

AED 97.99
hair conditioner suitable for thinning hair, helps detangle without adding strain contains vitamins and nutrients help preserve the strength and vitality of the hair, add volume and shine.

Ducray Anaphase Plus Shampoo 200 ml

AED 64.99
perfect complement for anti-hair loss treatments. restores volume, strength and vitality to your hair Pleasant fragrance

Ducray Neoptide Hair Lotion Spray Men 100 ml

AED 299.00
Stimulates the microcirculation of the scalp Prolong the life cycle of the hair Preserves hair density

Ducray Nutricerat Shampoo 200 ml

AED 99.99
• deep repairing shampoo suitable for dry to very dry hair types • creamy texture and delicate summer fragrance • protects the hair against external aggressions • The hair, no matter how dry or damaged, is nourished from the roots to the ends