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Beesline Age Defense Tinted Facial Fluid Sunscreen SPF 50+ 40ml

AED 80.99
  • A 3in1 formula that provides UVA, UVB & IR broad-spectrum protection.
  • With antioxidant and anti-aging properties, it protects the skin from the appearance of premature aging signs.
  • Its fluid, lightweight, and non-greasy formula mattifies skin and makes it an ideal makeup primer due to its invisible, matte finish. Suits all skin types, especially oily skin.

Beesline Express Facial Whitening Scrub For Unisex 25ml

AED 15.00
  • Ingredients: Grape Seed Oil, Rice Powder, Corn Starch, Beeswax, Honey, Vegetal Glycerine, Pearl Powder, Lemon Fruit, Ginger, Willow Bark, Peppermint, Lactic Acid and Vitamin E
  • Usage: Scrub it in a circular motion on a moistened face, twice per week
  • Massage gently then rinse off
  • For better results use Beesline Express Facial Whitening Mask afterwards

Beesline Facial Purifying Soap 85gm

AED 24.99
  • Rich in propolis
  • For sensitive, acne-prone skin
  • With thyme, peppermint essential oil, lavender, propolis, eucalyptus, rosemary & clove

Beesline Feminine Hygienic Wash For Extra Sensitive Skin 200ml

AED 34.99
  • Cleanses the feminine sensitive skin
  • Restores vaginal moisture & fights bad odors
  • Provides purifying, soothing & antimicrobial benefits

Beesline Fragrance-Free Whitening Roll on Deodorant 50 ml

AED 34.99
Soothes & moisturizes sensitive skin Controls odour causing bacteria Safe and effective, makes your underarms fresher

Beesline Propolis Facial Wash, 250 ml

AED 36.99
Absorbs excess oil & toxins from the skin Reduces skin inflammation Provides a restorative action on the affected skin Contains antibacterial properties Exfoliates dead cells & tightens the pores.

Beesline Sensi Fresh Whitening Deodorant Spray 150 ml

AED 69.99
Soothes & moisturizes the sensitive zone's skin Controls odour causing bacteria Evens out the sensitive zone's skin tone Absorbs unpleasant odours & wetness

Beesline Ultrascreen Sunscreen Cream Invisible SPF 50 60 ml

AED 69.99
Provides a broad spectrum protection Protects the skin against sun exposure risks such as redness, brown spots and premature aging Suitable for sensitive skin

Beesline Whitening Cleanser 4 In1 150 ml

AED 39.99
4 benefits in 1 cleanser A cleanser to purify & cleanse the face A scrub to exfoliate the skin A mask to absorb excess oils and as a whitening agent to lighten the skin.

Beesline Whitening Day Cream SPF 30 50 ml

AED 72.99
Whitens, moisturizes & protects the skin against UV damage. Prevents dark spots, corrects wrinkles & uneven complexion. For all skin types

Beesline Whitening Eye Contour Cream 30ml

AED 59.99
  • Beesline cream is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • The Beesline Whitening Eye Contour Cream is the perfect choice to lighten the eye contour area.
  • It restores a firmer, smoother appearance while reducing fatigue signs
  • This Beesline cream also provides hydration to the skin under your eye.

Beesline Whitening Eye Contour Cream, 30 ml

AED 59.99
Reduces puffiness & dark circles around the eyes, Whitens, calms, lifts, moisturizes & protects the eye contour skin against UV damage. For the Delicate skin around the eye