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Boost Oxygen Supplemental Respiratory Support for Health, Wellness, Performance 5L – Pack of 2

AED 179.00
  • Boost Oxygen provides pure, natural Oxygen - free from stimulants and additives like caffeine and sugars - in a convenient, lightweight and portable can.
  • Every cell in the human body requires Oxygen to function. Boost Oxygen supports healthy brain and cellular function by delivering pure supplemental Oxygen over the counter, no prescription needed.
  • From athletes to those experiencing shortness of breath, the benefits of Oxygen Therapy are well-documented. Boost Oxygen makes it easy to enjoy these benefits on the go.
  • Start your morning with Boost Oxygen for a stimulant free wake-up, take a Boost Break with a deep inhale to clear your mind and reduce stress levels, recover faster during and after workouts, increase your focus and mental sharpness.